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• MBBS in 1995 from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, India
• M.S. (Orthopaedicss) in 1999 from M.L.B. Medical College, Jhansi, India
• MRCS in 2004 from Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
• ATLS in 2005 from Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Norwich


• Recognized as the brightest orthopedic surgeon by Norfolk University Hospital, United Kingdom
• Awarded as “Icons of the health” 2017 & 2019 by “The Times Group”


• 1999-2003 : Registrar at AIIMS, New Delhi
• 2005-2006 : Senior Clinical Fellow at St. Georges university Hospital, Landon
• 2006-2007 : Specialist Registrar at Lincoln County Hospital, UK
• 2007-2011: Senior Consultant, Joint Replacement Unit, Primus hospital, New Delhi
• 2011- Current : HOD, Dept. of Orthopedics & Joint Replacement at Vivekanand Hospital, Lucknow

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Reason behind him being a Doctor at the first place

Dr. Sourav Shukla’s father was Prof and Head in Orthopaedic surgery of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. His father’s kindness in social life and professional commitment attracted him to pursue medicines. His mother was instrumental in imbibing patience and perseverance in him. To sum it up, the blend was perfect for him to take over the mantle of his father. After passing his schooling he undertook his graduation from the medicine from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. During his graduation, he was influenced by general medicine due to ability of physicians to make person live from grave illness. However, it was the orthopaedic surgery which drew his attention, as he was the dramatic results of making the patient walk pain free after surgery of broken legs. He therefore set his target to become orthopaedic surgeon, which he accomplished after passing the PG entrance examination during his internship days.

Basic Orthopaedic Training

Dr Sourav Shukla completed his basic orthopaedic training from MLB Medical college, Jhansi between the year 1996- 1999. Although, the college was a modest government medical college, yet three things kept on firing him to attain higher and cutting edge knowledge during his stay at Jhansi.

  • Tremendous support to obtain newer knowledge by the Teachers and seniors
  • Orthopaedic text books which taught newer techniques
  • Lack of facility to the patients and training to the doctors in a modest government medical college, despite having one of the best brains as teachers and PG students.

He therefore made up his mind to pursue higher surgical training in Delhi after passing his MS Orthopaedics degree.

Advanced Orthopaedic Training at AIIMS, New Delhi

AIIMS, New Delhi was going to interesting time during those years. Earlier, traditional treatment of plasters and non operative treatment of spine and joint disorder was prevalent. As newer innovations reached the shores of India, AIIMS as being the country’s premier government institute got these. As a result, Knee and Hip replacement surgery, Spine surgeries, Arthroscopic surgeries and modern trauma surgery at par with the western world were being practiced at AIIMS, in those years.

Dr Sourav Shukla was fortunate to get his training under the able guidance of Prof. S Bhan, the noted arthroplasty surgeon of India. He was stimulated by his mentor Prof S Bhan to further his knowledge and increase his surgical skills. Also, the centers brimming with noted orthopaedic surgeons such as Prof Arvind Jaiswal (noted spine surgeon) , Prof R Malhotra (noted hip surgeon) & Prof PK dave. , Here in this centre he obtained the following skills and credentials. His stay at AIIMS during the period 1999-2002 was very eventful in shaping up his future.

  • Hands on skills on primary and complex revision hip and knee arthroplasty
  • Diagnosing difficult orthopaedic problem and treating them
  • complex fracture treatment with modern implants
  • Last but not the least, keeping up with the current trends by means of writing manuscripts and presenting them in various national and international platforms.
  • He was also the first fellow of the living donor allograft bone bank,, the first in the country which is still running successfully at AIIMS even after a coupe of decades

Despite obtaining a Pool Officer Job at AIIMS, the invitation of British Council to pursue higher training in United Kingdom forced him to travel to UK for learning further.

Training in UK

Dr Sourav Shukla obtained his training in Bristol, East Anglia, South west London and Leicester Deaneries. He was exposed to 27 orthopaedic consultants who primarily specialised in Arthroplasty, shoulder, trauma and paediatric surgeries. Noted amongst the places were the training at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Leicester group of hospitals.

The UK training being very different from that of India opened eyes as to how treatment should be. Patients were treated with great sensitivity and care, they being addressed as “sir or Madam”. Not only this, continuity of care was extremely important. Providing transparent treatment details and counselling patients before, during and after treatment made a world of change in the final outcome of the patient care. He worked with Noted Surgeons such as Keith Tucker, AD Patel, J Calder, R Pandey and others.

Few difference were noteworthy and calls for mentioning

  • Unlike developed world, where the treatment of care is uniform; treatment in India is varied. Metros receive good treatment, while smaller cities treatment is centre and surgeon specific. It depends upon the patients luck where he or she ends up with!!
  • Counter checks in treatment in form of protocol are essential to prevent mistakes during treatment and patient care.
  • There is nothing called,” if I say its true or good”. Treatment has both benefits and elements of risks or failures. Its important to sit with the patient and discuss all these to avoid future unhappiness and discontent. At the end the doctor and patients need to be on the same page to make the treatment successful
  • Every thing new and technology driven is not beneficial. Change of established practice should only be undertaken if the newer practise are proven by centres of excellence and not by what is sold by company.

In orthopaedic surgery, UK has emerged a key player in

  • Partial knee replacement surgery
  • Revision knee and hip replacement surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Trauma Surgery

Dr. Shukla was fortunate enough to learn and expertise in these surgeries.

As Senior Consultant and Head of Orthopaedics

After completing his training he returned back to join as a Senior consultant in Primus hospital, New Delhi in the department of arthroplasty where he remained for 4 years till 2011. Since then, he has joined Vivenakananda Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow . His list of achievements as joint replacement and trauma surgeon includes:

  • Experience– One of the most experienced Joint replacement surgeon in the region. ( performing joint replacement surgery since 1999). Over 2500 surgeries performed.
  • Making people move– Treating neglected and difficult long standing hips and knee problems by primary Hips and Knees (partial and complete )and replacement surgeries.
  • Kinematic balancing– Currently the most modern way to perform knee replacement surgery, in-fact one of the very few surgeons in India to perform the surgery by the method. Minimizing soft tissue trauma and making surgery customized gives high patient satisfaction and rapid recovery after surgery.
  • Re-do Knee and Hip replacement surgery – one of the very few surgeons who performs repeat joint replacement surgery in the region impairing them mobility after failed joint replacement.
  • Partial knee replacements in selected patients providing safer surgery and better functions
  • Safe & Comfortable Practice and surgery – We all know that Post Op Care is vital. A team of well trained orthopaedic surgeons looking after post-operative patients 24X7. Also, adopting most modern pain relieving world class methods ensure that patients are comfortable after surgery. This helps them to return to their routine sooner.
  • Conducts Annual meet of international and national specialists of joint replacement every year that brings into latest information and technology to the state. This helps in improving quality of service to the patients by fellow surgeons.